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The Asian continent comprises around 50 beautiful countries having wonderful people, refined culture, and matchless lifestyles. Probably, this makes Asia the most outstanding continent among others in the world. Therefore, to blend love and passion in the hearts of people, we decided to start an online store in Singapore this year in 2020 to sell sex toys in Asia.

It was our mission to aware of every individual in Asia of the importance of sexual wellness. Hence, we kicked off with our online sex toys store in the name of Asianhappiness. Apart from Singapore, we are initially looking forward to serving customers from India, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and more.


Why Choose Asianhappiness for Buying Sex Toys?

Convenience and reliability are the factors that online shoppers look for before choosing an online store. So, when it comes to buying sex toys in Asia online, Asianhappiness will take care of every aspect to serve its customers all over Asia. Besides, it has the best quality adult products and the most advanced erotic accessories for men, women, and couples as well.

Asianhappiness promises to deliver products right at one’s doorstep. As it works in association with the most professional shipping agencies, it brings timely deliveries to customers within 4 to 5 working days, which is the exact period. So, there is no question of delay in getting the orders shipped to the customer.

Apart from assuring swiftness in delivering orders, Asianhappiness is also proficient in keeping the orders completely discreet. This means that every order is packed in secure boxes and containers with minimum details on it. Such details include the name of the customer and the address. So, there will be no product details mentioned in the delivered package. This is done to assure privacy for the customer.


How to Place an Order at Asianhappiness?

Asianhappiness brings the most effortless means of buying products from its store. To be more precise, it includes two ways through which one can place an order for buying sex toys in Asia.


Visit the Website and Order

This is possibly the most convenient way of ordering a product at Asianhappiness. Just like one visits an eCommerce site for shopping, similar procedures are here to be followed. There are a few simple steps that would take the buyer to the payment mode. Here one needs to choose between making an online payment or cash on delivery.


Call the Store and Order

This is an alternative ordering procedure for shopping at Asianhappiness. This method requires the buyer to call up the store and talk to a sales executive. He will take all details from the buyer, confirm the same, and would process the order accordingly.

One can give a call to the customer care executive and request him to place an order. After verifying a few details, the order would be processed by the executive.


What Adult Products are Found at Asianhappiness?

Asianhappiness is honored to bring people the most high-quality adult products of splendid variety for men and women. Let’s have a look at the category and subcategory that would give you an idea of the type of products available here at this online sex toys store in Singapore.


Female Sex Toys in Asia

All types of female sex toys in Asia will be available under this category. One will get accessories and other stuff to shop here. 


Sex Toys for Women

Women here would be able to make their choice from non-vibrators and vibrators to vibrating massagers, sex kit, vibrating underwear, etc.


Accessories for Women

Among the female accessories, there would be nipple vibrators, silicone breast prosthesis, steel rings, breast silicone bra, and pad, etc.


Needs for Women

This is a very special section that brings all essential adult items for women. Some of these adult sex products are breast enlargement creams, pussy pumps, breast enlargement creams, artificial hymen, and more.


Male Sex Toys in Asia

Find here the most fascinating male sex toys in Asia. Besides, you would be able to choose from essential adult items of great variety.


Sex Toys for Men

Men would feel elated to shop here from new-age masturbating toys to sexy strokers and what not. Moreover, there will be silicone love dolls, big artificial vagina, spider sower masturbators, Sex Real doll, toy cleaner, and more.


Needs for Men

The needy male sex toys here include a penis enlarger device, cock ring, boys sex kit, penis extender sleeve, and more. These needy toys for men in Asia will play a big role in staying optimistic about their sexual relationship.


Couple Sex Toys in Asia

There will be some great picks for partners who wish to celebrate their sex life every day. Therefore, Asianhappiness brings a smart variety of adult products for all bed partners.

Our collection of couple sex toys in Asia includes anal beads, anal dildos, strap-on, toy cleaners, and more. All these products are quite safe for partners to enjoy their sex life.


Party Sex Toys in Asia

Asianhappiness brings many more entertainment toys for couples to double the fun in bed. So, these are party toys that chastity lock device, leather whip, mouth ball gag, sex bondage chair, handcuffs, and more.

Besides, the pheromone attractants are great for couples and singles as well. Apart from these, some exclusive candles and lighters are designed erotically.


Lube and Herbal Sex Toys in Asia

From this category, one would find the top herbal products made of natural ingredients. So, there would be desensitizers, arousal gels, massage oil, lubricants, and more.

One will come across special coffee packs inducing sex. These two are quite safe for the body and sexual health as well.   


Long Distance Sex Toys in Asia

Asianhappiness also cares for couples who stay at long distances from each other. So, this online sex toys store in Singapore brings some sensational vibrators that would connect two partners from two different locations.

So, these are app control vibrators that are allowed to run through a smartphone application, remote control, and Bluetooth. These app control vibrators are great in making long-distance lovemaking possible.

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You help other people in their purchases by sharing your experience.

Zhang B.
The lovely glass dildo
Day before yesterday, I got my parcel and I am just overwhelmed after opening it. Yes, the glass dildo looks similar to the picture and playing with it was another pleasurable experience. I can put the wand inside and feel the naughtiness that slowly drives me crazy. I am also happy to find it is easy to clean with warm water and litter soap.
Moderated on 11/02/2021.
Hannah T.
Can’t control my hidden desires
I love to try this new kind of vibrator that has changed my life a lot. The luxury vibrator is the best as it eventually fulfills the inner desire without difficulty. The stimulations take me to a different world of pleasure and I can’t really control my wildness anymore. The length of the toy is just impressive.
Moderated on 10/29/2021.
Felicia W.
No more dullness in nights
Every night of my life is now filled with enjoyment and the credit goes to the luxury vibrator I bought in recent times. The design of the vibrator is nice but the stimulations are just too much good. The nights are now experimental as I try various new things by using this toy. I have also recommended it to many of my associates.
Moderated on 10/29/2021.
Felicia T.
Understood the unknown
I am not aware of the rabbit vibrator. But when my friend suggested me, I looked around for many toys. Ultimately I am happy as I have this long and pleasurable toy that gives me stimulation and satisfaction both. I just love to play naughty games with this toy every night.
Moderated on 10/29/2021.
Angelyn P.
Nice vibrator
All the nights are enjoyable as I am playing with the new rabbit vibrator that gives me unlimited fun. The toy is long and softly gets inside the private area and gives limitless pleasure. The vibes are awesome and take me to a different world.
Moderated on 09/23/2021.
Joanne P.
This soft and skin colour mature toy is very eye-catchy
The enjoyment and excitement is now more after using the realistic non-vibrator. The toy is long and I can inflate it anytime with the pump. The toy is very soft and skin-friendly as well. I can wash it easily with water.
Moderated on 09/16/2021.
Joanne P.
I love the pink colour of the vibrator
As I am single I can try any toy I like. So, I am using a new and trendy double sided dildo. It is oft and long and slowly goes inside the private area without much hard work.
Moderated on 09/16/2021.
Josephine T.
Super pleasurable and enjoyable dildo for female
I am married but that doesn’t mean I don’t love mature toys. This double ended dildo is my favourite toy and even my husband love to see me using this adult toy. The diameter of the toy is really impressive.
Moderated on 09/16/2021.
Mrs. T.
Various types of vibes that has relaxed me a lot
My every moment is just super exciting because of the realistic vibrator I have now. Yes, I can’t explain that how much satisfied I am with the multispeed vibes. In fact, the double penetrating dildo made my nights enjoyable than before.
Moderated on 09/16/2021.
Zaraa A.
Completely perfect vibrator for female
Wow! I just love this amazing vibrator that looks very similar to male privates. I am tired of the old techniques and was looking for the new techniques of deriving pleasure. So, finally I have decided to play with this realistic vibrator that is long and the vibration mode is also pleasurable.
Moderated on 08/19/2021.
Faizan B.
It gives me quicker orgasms
My solo sessions are more pleasurable after I bought this trendy mature toy. From the look to it’s functions, everything is very nice. I love to play naughty games with this vibrator. The 2 speed switch is easy to operate and the vibes are also very efficient to make me crazy with desires.
Moderated on 08/19/2021.
Khin S.
I'm impressed with the discreet packaging
Gifting someone something special is really enjoyable and so I bought this awesome gas lighter for my husband. The seductive position and the easy handling makes it my husband’s favourite one. I am grateful for receiving this lighter within time.
Moderated on 08/19/2021.
Aly B.
it makes me quite erotic
Life for me is exciting and I love to enjoy various types of pleasure. So, for that reason, I bought this electro sex toy. It gives me pleasurable vibes all over the body and makes me happy as well. But the delivery of the toy was late for 2 days and that is unexpected from your side.
Moderated on 08/02/2021.
Asghar S.
It makes me naughty
No man can resist a female part of the body in this way. That’s the same thing that happened to me. I am unable to stop myself from buying this big artificial vagina. The skin colour and the softness of the toy make it more real-like. The vibes make me wilder with desires. I am thankful for the faster delivery of the toy.
Moderated on 08/02/2021.
Chloe H.
Steel ring is very seductive jewelry for women
The metal body with the ball endings help to hold the ring rightly. I have tried it in my private hours also. It is just amazing. Moreover, the delivery was on-time as well.
Moderated on 07/15/2021.
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