Press & Media

Press and Media

Asian-Happiness welcomes everyone from the press and media.

We provide here some important facts about our online store. Take a look:

·         Asian-Happiness has been launched in Singapore with the intention to sell adult toys and accessories for men and women.

·         The objective we hold is to spread sexual wellness amongst one and all. There are no other commercial motives for which we work.

·         Our products are sold to various corners of Singapore. We even ship orders to many Asian countries.

·         Each and every product of ours has undergone medical tests. Therefore, we assure absolute safety for our users.

·         Apart from having customers throughout Singapore, we have reached to plenty of countries in Asia

Apart from these facts, if anyone is interested to know about other aspects of our business, you can reach us by:

·         Scheduling an interview with us. If required, a voice call or Skype call will do.

·         Arranging a press meeting

·         Arranging an audio-visual conference to know in detail about our business as per today’s market scenario 

For any query:

Send us email at [email protected]